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You CAN Make a Difference at your Child’s School

As a parent of a student at Roch Carrier you may attend any Home and School or School Council meeting. While attending H&S or School Council meetings you can help either/both groups discover new and exciting ways to contribute to the education of students at Roch Carrier French Immersion. Education is a partnership involving parents, students, teachers, principals, school boards, government, and the community. Your participation can make a difference!

Parental involvement is one of the most significant factors contributing to a child’s success in school. When parents are involved in their children’s education, the level of student achievement increases. Students attend school more regularly, they complete more homework in a consistent manner, and demonstrate more positive attitudes towards school. Parents should encourage their children to participate in school to get the most out of it. We too should lead by example and become involved in the school!

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Home & School is…

•  Social: Joining RCHSA offers a great opportunity to meet new people. (Parents, teachers and administrators)

•  Constructive: Nothing beats the rewarding feeling of seeing projects from their initiation to completion and the impact it has on the children. Our committees make good things happen.

•  Educational: It provides great information sharing around issues in education.

•  Supportive: RCHSA is representative of our parent community and has a role in hearing their concerns and assisting or advising them on solutions and available resources.

→ Home & School is a fantastic way to get tapped into the school community. Being an active member opens the door to countless opportunities and enrichment for our children. RCHSA is always hoping that more parents will share their ideas and their time to keep our great programs and commitments alive.

RCHSA Membership $20/year

Benefits of a Membership: 

  • Receive minutes of Home & School Association meetings

  • Voting privileges at Home & School Association meetings

    (budget & financials, minutes, bylaws, executive elections, resolutions at the provincial level, other motions as brought forth)

  • Provides the association with more votes at the OFHSA Annual Meeting

  • Privilege of attending the OFHSA Conference & Annual Meeting at a reduced registration rate (workshops, networking, recognition, fundraising info and free samples).

  • Liability insurance coverage while participating in sanctioned Home & School Association activities

  • The OFHSA Bulletin published 3 times a year and the bi-monthly e-news, Virtually YoursA collective voice of members at the regional, provincial and national levels

  • Purchase RCHSA Membership here: https://rcfi.fundraiserorders.com/
How You Can Help on Home and School or on School Council?
Many people think you have to attend every monthly council meeting to be part of council but that is just not so. While it is important to have a core group of parents to come out on a regular basis to form a Council, we recognize that this is not possible for every parent. There are many other volunteer opportunities to help on council and within the school. Council has several events throughout the year that need volunteers - Meet the Teacher Night; Hot lunches; Snack Program; Fundraising Events; Parent Involvement Committee; and Other Committees that need parent opinions, comments and help. Monthly Council Meetings are open to anyone (not just council members) who wishes to attend. Meeting dates are posted on the school website. Check it out and come when you can. We encourage you to get involved in a way that suits you best!
 Where is the Fundraising Money Used?
You may wonder why schools fundraise when they are already given a yearly budget from the government. Many times the budget falls short, leaving school to manage however they can. 

Below is a list of things that the Roch Carrier Home and School Association plans to provide this year with money obtained from fundraising efforts:

Snack Program
The government (through VON) gives about 11 cents per student per snack each year but that does not cover the cost of the snack we provide to our students. The balance is covered through RCHSA and Parent donations.
Field Trip Subsidy 
Fundraising efforts pays $10 per student to offset the cost of field trips.
Our grade 8 students are special and council recognizes that all students will one day be the grade 8’s that all students look up to. Council provides some money for their awards and graduation to make their final days at our school special.
Whether it is for indoors or outdoors, gym equipment is always in need and council provides some money to help. Also this year RCHSA purchased three sets of team jersey’s with our new school name on them. The Raptors are wearing them proudly!
Staff Appreciation Lunches 

We have great Staff and Teachers at Roch Carrier, so at the beginning of the year we treat all staff to a fun breakfast to welcome them back!  In December we treat our bus drivers, trustees and teachers to a Festive Feast lunch. At the end of the year we give the staff a sit down lunch to show them how much we appreciate what they do for our kids on a daily basis.

 Special Events
RCHSA provides funding for hot chocolate at our annual Winter Festival, a cold treat after Jump Rope for Heart, and other little treats throughout the year.
Performing Arts
Fundraising efforts will provide one Arts assembly each year for the school body to enjoy.
Roch Carrier is very fortunate to have a wide variety of clubs at our school. We have fantastic teachers running these clubs, often on their own personal time. RCHSA appreciates what they do and donates money for memberships, equipment or supplies needed to a variety of clubs so our children can enjoy these opportunities.
Classroom Incentives 
Each year RCHSA gives our Classroom Teachers $50 to help them encourage children to learn. This allows teachers to give our kids little extras within the classroom. Ask your child’s teacher how they use their Home and School Classroom Incentive money.
Library Books

RCHSA has funded the Forest of Reading program books at our school for many years. We also fund the trip for some of our most interested students to travel to London to meet the authors!

Hot Lunches

Every Friday a healthy, hot lunch will be available for purchase through our new online ordering website! https://rcfi.fundraiserorders.com/

Plus so much more !

RCHSA has fundraised for not only one, but TWO amazing outdoor classrooms at our school!  We have also purchased a water bottle refill station, fans for all classrooms, a friendship bench, new paintings on the pavement, author visits and MORE!

Perhaps you have some ideas too, come to a Home and School or School council meeting to share your ideas…

Home and School Executive 2021-2022
President: Angie Poirier

Vice President: Christina Hewitt

Co-Treasurers: Brian VandenBoomen amd Andra Willits

Secretary: Shannon Waterfield-Knorr


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