Dress Code

It is the expectation at Roch Carrier that our students will dress in a manner that is suitable for a public school setting. Appropriate attire encourages respect for oneself and others, and promotes a safe and respectful learning and teaching environment. The following guiding principles are provided to assist in making responsible decisions. 

Undergarments should not be visible with normal movement. Clothing and accessories must be free of inappropriate language, pictures, and symbols that would be hurtful to others in terms of their: race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Clothing and accessories that contain words and/or designs which include profane language, violence (weapons or physical), sexuality, discrimination, drugs/alcohol, innuendo (hidden messages), or “plays on words”, are not permitted. Accessories include, but are not limited to, jewelry, makeup, book bags, pencil cases, lunch bags, hats, tattoos, socks, headbands, purses, binders and scarves. Sleepwear is not to be worn at school, unless for special occasions. 

  • Tops and shorts must come down to cover the top of pants, skirts, shorts or skorts. Tops which show cleavage, a bareback or are transparent are deemed not acceptable. Spaghetti straps, halter tops or shirt with extra-large armholes will not be permitted. Shoulder strap should be a minimum of three fingers wide. Bare midriffs are not permitted. 
  • Pants, skirts and shorts must cover undergarments and be of reasonable length. 
  • Bandanas are not permitted and sunglasses are not to be worn inside the school. 
  • Footwear is required at all times. It is also expected that non-marking running shoes be worn for Physical Education classes. Indoor shoes must be worn inside the school. Slippers are not considered appropriate indoor shoes. 

Students are encouraged to participate in making responsible decisions about wearing apparel. However, the final decision on appropriateness of clothing rests with the school administration. Students who are deemed to be in contravention of the dress code will be counselled. They will be given the opportunity to change, if appropriate clothing is available, cover-up, or turn the article of clothing inside out, if it contains an appropriate language or graphics. If students are unable or unwilling to change, parents will be contacted to assist in resolving the issue.

As outlined by the Ministry of Education regulations, our dress code applies to all students, staff, parents and community members in our school building. It applies while on school buses and at school based activities or events on and off school property. The school administration will deal with individual cases should they arise.