RC Home and School Association Forms and Applications

Minutes from Home and School Meetings



January  Agenda, Treasurers Report, Minutes
November HSA Minutes, Teacher's Report, School Council Minutes
October HSA Minutes, proposed budget
September HSA and School Council Minutes, Principal's Report,  


November 18th - minutes, teacher report, School Council minutes
October 8th, 2019 - minutes, proposed budget

September 19th, 2019 - minutes, Principal's report

Monday October 15 RCHSA at 6:30pm - minutes
Wednesday November 14 *School Council at 6pm - HSA at 7pm - minutes
Monday January 14 RCHSA at 6:30pm minutes
Wednesday Feb 13 *School Council at 6pm - HSA at 7pm postponed due to weather Minutes
Rescheduled to Feb 27 same times: SC agenda HSA Agenda/reports/minutes
Monday April 8 RCHSA at 6:30pm HSA Agenda/Principal report/Budget/Minutes
Wednesday May 1 *School Council at 6pm - HSA at 7pm HSA Agenda/Principal Report/Budget/Minutes
Monday June 10 RCHSA at 6:30pm Minutes


Start Up Info Package 


Mythbusters about Home and School Groups

RCHSA Parent recruitment flyer

RCHSA Membership form


Snack Program - notification of allergy letter