Ongoing review of French Immersion to continue

Posted On Monday December 09, 2019

The Board is fully committed to French Immersion and recognizes its value within our school communities. The Board of Trustees approved a recommendation from Administration to consolidate French Immersion to a single Grade 1 entry point, which concludes Phase I of the French Immersion program review.

These changes were required to address a nationwide shortage of qualified French-language teachers and avoid limiting admission, similar to other Boards in the province. We heard from our communities that limiting enrolment was not a favourable strategy to managing the French-language staffing shortage. This outcome is in the best interest of students who will benefit from consistent, equitable access to high-quality French Immersion programming in all areas of the school district.

We appreciate the feedback we have received from school communities. All input will be considered for review in Phase II, which may include the exploration of options such as dual-track schools and two-year English Kindergarten programming in French Immersion schools where space permits.

The Board will be reviewing those options, which will take into account and honour regional differences, Board policy, Ministry guidelines and budgetary impact. We are committed to presenting a plan that is best for French Immersion students, is transparent in process and fiscally responsible.

Updates on the French Immersion program review will be provided at our regular meetings of the Board of Trustees.